Maxxum 7D as a cheap backup to the A77?

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Re: Maxxum 7D as a cheap backup to the A77?

RichV wrote:

arie wrote:

I know there are at least a few people who use a 7D as a backup to their Sony Alpha, but obviously it's a cheaper alternative to spending $800+ on a backup with the same resolution & features.

Does this make sense at all as far as a quick fix until I can afford a match to the A77? I've read the 7D is good, but it's dated.

The one aspect that would bother me is making sure the white balance between both cameras match as much as possible. I've read the 7D AWB has problems in artificial light.

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Well, you've got some good advice here. I have a soft spot for the 7D - I think it and the 5D (just a tiny bit less so) delivered some of the best color and JPEG quality that we've seen in A-mount digital cameras. I also think the 7D had the best ergonomics of any A-mount digital for the number of functions it had; it was a relatively expensive camera to manufacture, but Minolta - much more so than Sony - went the extra mile for the sake of the value to the customer.

Today? Well the best solution I've seen relative to the 7D is the suggestion of the A100 - because they've both got CCD sensors. Yep, the delivery's a bit punchy at times, and they consume more battery power. So maybe (if you're interested in that difference) you look at the history of Sony bodies and see what you can get in a CCD that's more modern. Many people don't pay attention to this distinction, but to me it's one of the things that make the 7D/5D/A100 images better when in their sweet zone (the 7D/5D also had a different treatment of color - to me, especially pastels - that stood out). Where the 7D/5D/A100 can fall short is areas like AF and metering; a newer Sony CCD camera will hopefully be better.

Now about WB; I suggest you always use custom WB - it's very easy to do, and short of carrying around a color meter and calibrating all your cameras to it, it's your best bet for agreement (of course, at another level, exposure matching and aperture make a difference, too).

From the perspective of a second camera, you didn't mention whether this was a professional need or something for your own personal use. If the latter, I'd probably move for a CCD sensor; it would fill the gap in situations where the CMOS rendition just wouldn't be good enough.

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From my own experience, the 7D battery last longer than the Cmos A700. I had left my batteries in both cameras more than once. When I'd turn them both on, the A700 battery always ended up getting drained, while the 7D battery damn near was still at full.

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