Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!


The Silkypix V5 default for WB is "camera setting" so any yellow cast shown on the Silkypix default development preview, displayed when you first load in your RAW file, is due to the measurement of WB made by the camera, not due to Silkypix per se.

Most cameras tend to retain a degree of yellowness when the photo is taken under tungsten or similar-temperature artificial light using AutoWB (or even "tungsten").  The best way to get a less yellow - a more neutral - result is to use the camera's facility for measuring a custom white balance.

The procedure for doing so is on page 89 of the FZ200 manual.  Basically, you get the camera to measure the light source reflected from a white card.

You can use Silkypix to impose a different WB from the camera's AutoWB value during Silkypix development, as you have done.  But this is doing it the hard way, really, as it's better to use the camera to measure the actual light temperature at the time & scene of the photo.

A last thought: some photographers prefer to leave something of a yellow cast in photos taken with artificial light, as this is a more accurate view of the real lighting conditions.  Tungsten bulbs, candle light and so forth are in fact yellowish and do emphasise any yellow in the scene, as well as causing other coloured objects to have a colour shift.

Even our clever human eyes & brain cannot always correct such extreme colour casts at the time.

SirLataxe, often dimly lit himself.

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