Maxxum 7D as a cheap backup to the A77?

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Re: went with A700 (have a few questions) - thanks for your help.

arie wrote:

Found a nice used A700 for 400. I appreciate all your feedback. I'm still tempted to get a 7D if I feel like checking it out, but it seems to me that it's basically the same camera with a few upgrades and a less buttons.

The only thing that will take getting used to is the prism VF vs. EVF.

Q: I assume I won't have a "live view" when it comes to adjusting exposure compensation. If so, I'll miss that.

Q: The review of the A700 of DPR mentioned that Sony's IDC didn't do a good job of converting RAW files into JPG, and introduced a considerable amount of moire as compared to Adobe's RAW conversion. Is this still the case. I'll probably be using DxO anyway, but just wondered.

Q: Anything I should check for right away as far as making sure the camera is fully functional? It's got a 14 day return on it. Plan on getting an after market warranty just to be safe.

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I never use Sony's software. Plus I've read too many bad things about it. I always use Adobe Photoshop for my needs.

The 7D is similar to the A700, but not as good as it the high iso. Imo, the 7D has better colors and is still a capable camera. I've used it for several years before my A700 purchase. 7D is a more solid and heavier camera. But the A700 beats it in almost all areas. Basically an aps-c version of the A900.

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