You wanted to see a quick Olympus E-5 vs Nikon D800 comparison? Here it is.

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Re: You wanted to see a quick Olympus E-5 vs Nikon D800 comparison? Here it is.

msusic wrote:


I got 28 and 85mm 1.8G ATM, but I'm not happy with 85mm. It's got unimpressive bokeh and quite a bit of CA at wider apertures.

I have no issues with the bokeh. Wide open there can not be a much of a difference anyway.

CA is very common with fast primes and you can force to see it under certain circumstances in particular with the D800.

It's very sharp stopped down, but it should be.

Indeed it resolves pretty well  and can serve as a multi purpose lens.

Anyway, I'm about to get Tokina 16-28mm for a good price and still debating between new Sigma 35mm f1.4 or older 50mm 1.4

35mm just starts to be wide angle and is not wide enough for me. The Sigma 50 2.8 macro has got a very good reputation in terms of resolution and offers macro functionality. Probably my 50 1.8 G will go again and that Sigma will come.

85mm 1.8G will probably be replaced with Sigma 85mm 1.4 and later, I'll add 70-200mm, most likely Sigma OS or maybe Tamron VC if it turns out to be good.

I had a look at the older Tamron version which is very good optically and can be had cheaply. However there were substantial issues with metering with the D800/Tamron 70-200 2.8 copies that I tried in a shop.

Latest Sigma lenses have been great, I'm quite impressed with 70-200 OS on 5D2 and both 35mm and 50mm are the best primes for FF and 85mm f1.4 is right up with the best.

Consider that I'm working with a friend, so we're splitting costs there.

Good idea. I am splitting cost on two systems instead.;-)

light_bulb wrote:

Hi Marin,

what lenses have you chosen for your D800 beyond the 28 1.8 G? Do you feel satisfied with the 28 1.8 G in terms of resolution and corner sharpness?

I have the 85 1.8 G which is stellar, the 50 1.8 G which is very good in the center but so so in the corners, the Sigma 120-300 2.8 OS which is brilliant and the 16-35 4 VR the main advantage of which is image stabilisation but which cannot provide the full resolution.

Thus I am still looking for a brilliant wide angle lens.

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Cheers, Marin

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