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Re: Dear D :

Daedalus2000 wrote:

I think my mistake in my original comment was to "think loudly". By this I mean that I knew that Gianluca's photo always have a strong emotional content and I was trying to find it... If you read carefully my original post you will see that what I am really saying is that I can not find the emotional element and I am stuck in the "intellectual reading" of the picture. It became obvious (later) that I missed the point of the photo, as I did not see the woman's expression... My bad, I should not have posted unfinished thoughts... I learned something valuable...


This is a very good point.  I think that we all have this experience.  We see a work of art or in this case a photograph that has been praised, find that we are not moved, and then seek to figure it out intellectually.  Sometimes that can lead to greater understanding, sometimes we get a sinking feeling that we are trying to convince ourselves about what we should be feeling.  I guess all art is subjective; the great photographs maybe are those that connect with more people.

BTW I was in the same boat as you; I didn't get it at first, saw only the shapes that have been mention -- which are interesting in themselves -- then thanks to an earlier comment about the woman's expression I looked at the larger image, and laughed.  That was my emotional reaction. And of course it's axiomatic that art that invokes a chuckle or outright laughter can be excellent art.


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