P7700's Digital Zoom examples

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Re: P7700's Digital Zoom examples

Nikonworks wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Those shots are rather poor, but that's not your fault, at least not entirely.

Digital zoom is NOT the same as cropping as the camera's softeware uses interpolation to make it work. This is why experienced shooters leave DC OFF. DC will often throw off metering and leave you less likely to get a sharp image.

Shooting at the long end of the optical zoom and then cropping in post will usually give superior results as well as more options.



I thought I politely asked you not to respond to my posts due to your questioning my honesty.

I have decided not respond to your posts for reasons your posts make evident to most people.

Thank you.

Anytime you post something out of ignorance or that is blatantly untrue, ANY member of these forums can point it out. We are FREE to do so as long as the rules here are not abused.

When someone asked you for your HONEST opinion on a high ISO in a different thread you, once again, avoided addressing the issue and made your response about something personal.

If you think people can't see through this type of fanboyism you're mistaken.

Digital zoom is a poor option in most cases, as your photos prove.



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