Need help saving Aperture photo library to external hard drive

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Re: Need help saving Aperture photo library to external hard drive

webfrasse wrote:

Johanfoto wrote:

Another way is to keep your Aperture library on the (faster) internal drive and only relocate the photos to the external drive. Select all photos (open all stacks so you will select stacked photos too) and then use 'File - Relocate Originals'.

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Yeah, nice advice to a seemingly non-technical user. Create a dependency between two drives. Next explain how his backup strategy will look like;-)

The OP needs to backup his external drive regardless of whether he puts his whole Aperture library or just the masters on it. Unless he uses Vaults there is zero difference in terms of backup strategy requirements (and the Vaults don't make a difference because he is using external drives but because he would be using referenced masters).

And the dependency is created the moment you spread your data onto two drives, no matter how you spread it. If any of the two drives goes south, he will loose part of his data unless both drives are backed up. And unless his whole user folder is moved to the external drive, his personal data will be spread over two drives.

The only real added complexity of Johan's suggestion is the move to referenced masters (with the potential to mess up the referenced masters) but that risk is independent of the number of drives used.

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