A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

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Re: A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

Personally I am more than happy with the a99 for video. It's pointless people say use a video camera instead. I shoot mainly weddings and the shallow depth of field is very important and not something i could achieve with a video camera.Thousands of videographers use slrs for this reason. I have posted a couple of videos up now using the a99 including a christening video showing the quality of the a99. In these types of shots with a shallow depth of field the quality is fantastic. The fact is there is nothing better in this price range for what I want it for. I was very close to getting the mark III but all the footage I have seen looks softer than the a99. Not to mention no articulating screen, stabilisation, large file sizes etc.

The footage I took was using image stabiisation turned on and I still cannot see where it is not sharp. I know the IS does slightly degrade the image as I have done tests on it on landscapes but it can only really be seen if the video is paused.

I really don't see the point of taking screen grabs to view the shortcomings.If you can't tell when the video is actually running then its of no consequence. This is video not stills-pixel peeping is pointless.


Can someone please tell me if they think this is not good quality? (Also its only 720p).

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