Canon 90 EX for beginner as a Master unit?

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Remember the purpose / advantage

The purpose and advantage of YOU  buying a 90EX for YOUR T2i is almost exclusively to provide you with a wireless trigger for an external flash that is not physically connected to your camera.

Lots of people find that wires and cables get in the way.

The 90EX on YOUR camera does not give much in the way of "better" light by itself.

OTHER PEOPLE with cameras that have NO built-in flash, such as the 6D and the 5D-III, get two purposes / advantages. They get a straight-ahead fill flash to illuminate under the brims of hats, soften sunny-shadows, etc., and they get the wireless trigger advantages.

Buying a 90EX for these people is a better bet than buying a non-master flash to use for fill because the 90EX costs less and is easier to carry, but --always tradeoffs - doesn't twist and turn like a 430EX II.

And it is better than an STE-2 transmitter because the 90EX will flash.

And another BUT... but the STE-2 is only optical, not radio, and the radio version of the STE-2 works with the radio function on the fancy new 600 model radio /optical flash.


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