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doto41 wrote:

I feel that people sometimes refrain from criticizing in fear of offending and I respect that, but for me the criticism is helpful, and if sincere and with good intentions neveroffending, and I thank everyone for it. I think if we would criticize more (of course within the borders of politeness and good intentions, we would all gain from it, and the friendly helpful atmosphere of tjis great forum would only gain from it. If people I respect and see as my virtual friends can't tell me what I do wrong, who can

Hope I expressed myself well in English and that I'm understood correctly.

+1.  Only with criticism can one hope to become a better photographer, and that I believe is the main goal for most of us.  I think many on DPR have become wary because of the snarky comments that often appear on other forums.  I am grateful that such rarely appears here and not by most members of this forum.  Going back to my previous comments about the Leica club, that may be the saving grace of this forum.  The immature that make other forums unpleasant to put it mildly are not those that are drawn to Leicas.

Dov I think you expressed yourself very eloquently.


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