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jeffsvisions wrote:

Agree thats why I have never upgraded my nx100. I have the evf for it. I would be lost with out the evf. I realy like samsung cameras , but i'm looking at other brands to replace it because of the no evf.

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The best picture is the one you take.

Before people answer this and say get the one with a viewfinder note that the NX20 sells currently for £700 in the UK and that is after a £100 cashback. Considering you can get a Sony A37 for £299 after a £50 cashback that is I think a staggeringly high price considering the Sony has dedicated phase detection focusing thrown in and can be used for fast moving targets. The NX1000 goes for £379 and that is pretty high for something without a viewfinder or a viewfinder option that costs £300 extra.

I do get the impression that Samsung seem to be selling a luxury item but with no accessories and rudimentary support which is an odd way of doing business.

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