Raynox DCR 250 + lens?

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Re: Raynox DCR 250 + lens?

CameraManDan123 wrote:

I have a 55-250mm IS and a 50mm f1.8. I am planning to get a Raynox DCR 250, but i don't know whether it is compatible with my lens, i.e the 55-250 has a rotating front when focusing and the 50mm 1.8 is a prime lens.

Does anyone know if they are compatible?



Yes, the Raynox DCR 250 is compatible with both of these lenses. However, note that on the 55-250mm the DCR-250 will give very high magnification and unless you want this the DCR-150 might be more useful. To a certain extent you can reduce the magnification be zooming out. However note that often if you zoom right out to the wide end you might get vignetting. I've occassionally used the Raynox lenses on the 55-250mm, although mainly the DCR-150. The rotation of the front element isn't a problem unless you have used the Raynox clip holder to mount something else on. It doesn't otherwise effect the performance of the lens or its usability with a close-up lens.

On the 50mm f1.8 the Raynox will work okay, but won't give anywhere near to magnification as at 250mm on the zoom.

The Raynox close-up lenses will fit on most lenses. However, they are least useful with short focal length lenses where they provide much lower magnification, and vignetting can be a problem.

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