D800 Focus problem on the left and right.

Started Jan 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
Russell Proulx Contributing Member • Posts: 591
Re: Well known issue - with a link to test

tangducminh wrote:

I did live view and regular mode and all these 15 times and the blur only occur the far left on the regular mode.

Check it again to be sure. But if your LV and AF results are consistently different on the left only, then it probably needs to go to Nikon if you want it fixed. Depending where you are in the world your country's Nikon service may or may not accept to service a camera not purchased in that same country. For example, Canada Nikon will only service cameras distributed by Nikon Canada while I've heard that Nikon in the UK does not impose this same restriction. You might have to ship it to Japan.


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