Best Shooting Mode with External Flash? Help/Advice

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Re: Best Shooting Mode with External Flash? Help/Advice

Kees77 wrote:

Thanks everyone. My K-7 seemed to meter with the flash much better. Don't get me wrong the k-5iis is great. I guess I'll accept that I need to compensate the flash exposure setting to get it right. I also have a cheap plastic diffuser that seems to help.

I still can't believe how great the low light focusing and results are compared to my K-7. The resolution is also outstanding.

Thanks again

Hello Kees77

It's a little difficult to help, because there are so many ways to use the flash as a illumination source, that a simple answer to your problem is not possible, without to know how you use your flash when you get this overexposed pictures.

Only one point:

I belive the K5 is the first Pentax camera, which realy do count in which metering mode you use.

I mean with it the matrix, center or spot metering mode. Bevor the K5 I used a ist DS and there it doesn't matter, which metering mode I did use.... ok, it was mentioned in the EXIF which mode I did use (for example spot metering), but the camera did always used the matrix mode.

The K5 do now count in the metering mode you use... try it out.

best regards kikivrany

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