got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

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Re: got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

ConanFuji wrote:

OldArrow wrote:

You enter someone's house or office, you behave as your host requires. Is this NORMAL?

...... Snip...

Another thing: I have moderated a few sites in my time, and the membership of those who offended the others ended right away. Nobody really needs cheaters, manipulators, flamers, trolls and general broadband dips.

I just wish this principle were applied here...

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Fact 1- You entered's house.

Fact 2- You (with your extremist) thinking kept pushing for dpreview to end the membership of cheaters etc.

Fact 3 - Obviously dpreview doesn't agree with you on terminating the membership of the cheaters etc... (if they do, the so called cheaters' memberships would have been culled)

Fact 4 - You obviously didn't follow your own advise, because you can't accept dpreview's stance that they do not want to terminate the membership of cheaters. On the other hand you throw a tantrum, jump up and down pointing at your host (i.e, basically misbehaving and refusing to accept DPReview's decision not to terminate the cheaters memberships.

...which only brings two conclusions

Conclusion 1 - If you are a man of principle you should leave, as you can't see eye to eye with Dpreview on the cheaters membership issue.

Conclusion 2 - ...or you are a man without principles, still staying around here, running challenges even though you don't agree with your host' (ie dpreview) stance on cheaters memberships

Therefore, either show me you're a man of principles... Or shut up and quit rocking the boat.

LOL. With logic like that...

(oh, never mind...I'm laughing too hard to reply)

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