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John London wrote:

Hi all. I have just bought a new Nex 6 and find the focus is continuous, as in, I turn on the camera and whatever I point the camera at it refocuses. I can focus as normal when I point and shoot but why is this it continuously focusing.? The settings are set to single shot in A priority mode, but I can set it in any mode and the same thing happens. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Regards JohnL

you sure you set your AF to AF-S and not AF-C? cause that sounds like it is what AF-C is doing to me, and whatever setting you said you changed wouldnt affect the way how the camera do its auto focus unless you set the auto focus mode right.

btw, I do believe the default mode on a brand new NEX is AF-C... which would behave just like you describe. Try looking into the manual and you will find the description of what AF-C and AF-S does.

My settings are for AFS! The camera shop I bought this at has tried out their demo camera which also has the same sympton/function/procedure.  I am beginning to believe dpdog hit on the reason earlier. Why any camera manufacturer would implement such a crazy function is beyond me. But we have to take such things on the chin and keep taking the pics.

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