Nikon D600: Are the "benefits" of this camera really worth it over the Canon 6D?

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Re: the question is , is a system swap really worth it?

Ken Johnes wrote:

thomas2279f wrote:

With the Nikon D600 falling even further and Sony A99 falling below £2k along with the Nikon D800 should put pressure on Canon to follow...

the main advantage the nikon has at the moment is the price/features value,no matter which way you calculate it, you get more of a camera for your money from nikon ,at the moment.adding the flash on canon body to do what nikon built in flash can do ,alone ,says it all.

other than that ,there is very lil to differenciate between those 2 cams. near same MPX count,both the cleanest ISO (bar the pro cams) in the semi pro lineup of the respective brands , (if you look at the samples ,6D looks a bit cleaner than 5D3 and d600 looks cleaner than d800).

the AF, nikon has more points but the coverage of those points are similar on both. d600´s outer points are a bit better but you cant beat the 6D´s center point in absolute low light where you really need insane was great on the cam i tried.

both are average when it comes to action shooting, but people have done really well with 5d2 and nikon d7000 on which those AF modules are based on.

upto 12000 iso both will give you good pics ,which you can print upto A3+ and get very good results.

the lenses are the main thing to consider, as you are a canon user look at what lenese you use most and see if nikon has it.if you have good lenses then best idea will be to stay with canon.

24-105 canon is better than the nikons in that range,

24-70L old one is worse than nikon 24-70 , and the new 2.8 L2 is somewhat better than nikon but costly.

70-200 - the new canon 2.8 is the best of the bunch ,but again VR2 is a great lens and both nikon and canon f4 versions are great too .

the main primes ,50 and 85mms . nikon has the better f1.8 afs versions at chaper price and sharper than the 1.4 versions from nikon itself ,and are better than the canon´s 1.8 versions.if you are in for 1.2 lenses then L lenses are the way to go.

when it comes to flash ,nikons advantage is that the built in flash is there for free,as fill in for snapshots or as a commander to control few other flashes. you ´ll be adding couple of 100$ more to the 6D price if you ever wanna try off camera flash.

wishing you a happy new year.

cheers and happy shooting,


Nikon has better "normal" lenses lineup

Two 50mm f/1.8G, f/1.4G, 28mm f/1.8, 35 f/1.4, 85 f/1.8 - all better than Canon's counterparts and cost same money (+/- couple of bucks). Especially 50mm - are not to compare with Canon's crap (I had both canons 50mm and now have Nikon 50 f/1.8G).

Canon have some insane zooms and fixes like 400, 600mm for many thousands dollars, but "normal people" do not use them. Under "normal people" I mean non-professionals.

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