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Cheers1957 wrote:

I am just starting to learn about HDR photography using Photomatix. All the tutorials and indeed all the books I have read seem to suggest that you take a number of photos for example one with the settings I choose, then a photo 1 or more stops underexposed and a photo 1 or more stops overexposed.

Why would I want to do this?

The purpose of HDR photography is to capture a scene with higher range of light values than your camera's sensor is capable of reproducing in a single exposure. If you aren't shooting multiple shots at different exposure values, you aren't doing HDR photography.

- I am working with Nikon Capture NX2 - I can take any photo that I think would be OK for HDR and then use that photo to save 1 image underexposed, 1 image overexposed and the original photo - this combines OK in Photomatix.

If you just want to produce images with the ugly, overprocessed look of many tone-mapped HDR photos then you can do that, but don't call it HDR because it isn't.

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