Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video

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Re: Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video / Great video.

To summarize my experience with my GH3 EVF:

  • It has a very small sweet spot that my eye must be centered on and distorts if I move my eyes slightly off center.

  • With glasses off, I can't see all 4 corners clearly at the same time.  This may be due to my astigmatism.

  • With glasses on, I can't physically see all 4 corners at the same time because my eyeball can't get close enough and into the sweet spot.

  • I do see the smeared text if my eye is not perfectly centered.
  • I don't see halos on the subjects being recorded in the EVF.
  • The resolution seems to be detailed enough for manual focusing (although I would love to see them add focus peaking).

When I recorded and posted the videos of my EVF with both a Panasonic FZ150 and Sony TX-5, it actually looked not bad.  But when I look at it with my own eyes, it's not quite as clear as in the videos.

I'm of the opinion now that a camera lens will be very hard to mimic the human eye when recording the viewfinder.  I think this is because the camera lens is flat vs being curved.

For example, when I put my eye to the viewfinder and then look into a corner, my pupil is now at an angle to the OLED screen.  However, when trying to show that with another camera, the best I can do is move the camera around, but then lens stays flat to the OLED screen.

I'll also mention that I was in yet another camera store this past Friday and asked them to see the GH3 on display.  The EVF was completely identical to mine.  So, this is about the 6th GH3 I've looked at in addition to my own.  I'm of the opinion now that they are probably all the same and it comes down to individual's eyesight.  I think that some people can see it very clearly while others cannot.  All the GH3s I've looked at definitely have a small sweet spot that one must look through.

Having said all that, I plan on keeping an eye on this topic though.  If I walk into a camera store 6 months from now and notice a huge improvement in the EVF of current GH3s, I will consider selling mine and replacing it with the improved version.  The camera store I bought mine from gives you half the purchase price within a year of any camera purchased when doing a trade.

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