Fuji X20 Press Release

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Re: Fuji X20 Press Release

In spite of the higher expectations thanks to the Sony RX100 overall-size+sensor, I must admit FUJI read us, or at least me when I wrote here 5 months ago the 10 points below, except for issues*.

Nevertheless, thanks for that,

1. A 24-120 mm, f 1.8 ~ 2.4 fixed zoom lens (keep it as fast as possible),

*2. An even bigger (better) EXR sensor (avoid the Pixel Race, I only care for IQ)
3. A full information viewfinder,
4. A wider shutter speed range,
*5. A better resolution LCD,

*6. Include a std UV filter and regular carrying case (avoid the mandatory optionals),
7. A more usable menu (like the one from XPro1), and
*8. A general overall smaller size,
9. full functional hardware, with quicker times for every task, and
10. exactly the same overall aesthetics.

I will be expecting the full review of this one ASAP.

Tks in advance, regards,

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Carlos Lacroze

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