got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

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Re: got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

pocoloco wrote:

RaptorUK wrote:

nikonFboy wrote:

i got 2nd place in the `aviation heroes memorial` today, and im well chuffed!!!!

Sorry to be a killjoy but your entry should have been DQed . . . if the Host had been awake it might have been . . why ?

"Provide a title and a short description, including the name of the place where the picture was taken."

what does your description say . . . " "

Having said that, if the Host had been awake and had DQed your Entry before voting started you could had re-entered this time with a description and been compliant with the rules.

I like your entry, but if I had voted I would have given it a 0.5 for not complying with the rules.

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If it should have been DQ'ed is entirely up to the host, some like Raptor a very very strict about rules and they might DQ you, other hosts who might value image quality over description-content probably won't DQ you... it really is up to the host, not so much as a rule perse.

Well, rules are what they are. For most of my life, I have asked myself why it is that states and countries (and cities) make rules they don't intend to enforce. I mean, really! Why, for example, make a law that says you must signal in your vehicle when turning and yet I've never heard of ANY one getting a ticket for not signaling. Not signaling is one of the most-ignored rules of driving (along with exceeding the speed limit).

So, why make a rule and then not enforce it? Isn't that unfair to the other people who spent the time complying with ALL the rules? How are people supposed to read the mind of the person writing the rules to determine... "well, s/he probably doesn't care much about this one, I'll just skip it."?

To summarize (it's simple, really): HOSTS: Don't make a rule unless you can or plan to enforce it; ENTRANTS: Read and follow the rules and don't complain if you get DQ'd because you didn't think the rule was important enough to be DQ'd over.

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