A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

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Re: A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review


I´m with you here tbcass. Seems like many people searching for the Holy Grail of photographic equipment, which sadly does not exist. The do it all camera is a dream not very likely come through.

I can relate to photocriss´s problem and yes, that would be a very handy solution to use just one camera for all but it is impossible on professional level.

Photocriss mentions run and gun event video. If you are a serious pro who gets adequate pay for the job, you would not do it alone. I am in the same situation like he is (assuming he is a he) and I do have the A99 as my still and for video I use the Canon FX300 video cam. On assignments when I need both, I always have an assistant familiar with my style of shooting and he takes over the stills while I´m on the video - or I just do only video or only stills. Makes life much easier.

The Canon is a dream run and gun videocam. It has broadcast quality 4:2:2 pulldown with 50Mb/sec, reliable AF, very good autoWB, auto iris, great - though fixed - L lens with long reach, two XLR in socket, glass ND filter built in and you can use it completely manual if you like. It´s not cheap but on the other hand it´s a tool and I charge good money to use it. That way my clients get top quality stills and - if needed - broadcast quality video.

Not to mention that I wouldn´t go to a gig with only one camera. I am very familiar with Mr. Murphy´s law

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