Reccomendations for HVLF60M

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Re: Reccomendations for HVLF60M

There are two ways to wirelessly trigger your flash: either with another flash unit acting as a controller, or a radio trigger.

For the first you will need a Sony flash and different models have different capabilities, so you would need to check out exactly what is possible. However you could use your HVL-F60M as the controller, so that would give you more choice. Also, with flash fired, you can use TTL.

For radio triggered, most makes (Pocket Wzard etc.) will now work with the new shoe, but they will only be fully manual and not have TTL. In 2011 Phottix produced a set that did have more facilities for the minolta shoe, but I doubt they have updated that to the new shoe yet.

It is possible that there are some with TTL, but I haven't come across them. Although I haven't looked yet, to be honest! If you find some, do let me know

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