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Re: New Olympus 75mm F1.8

Jonas B wrote:

Moti wrote:

The M. Zuiko 75/1.8 is what it is, and so is a FF 75 or 85mm lens. They are the same, or nearly so, focal length but that is it.

If you want to compare the 75/1.8 to a FF lens it should be a 150mm lens (with regards to AoV) and a 150/3.6 lens if you want to get the same AoV and DoF.

Mounting a 75mm (or 85 then) lens on a FF camera is not a good comparison as the FF photographer will be standing at close to half the distance from the subject compared to the 4/3 camera user to capture a scene (at the focal plane) of the same size. That is a totally different perspective.

So, comparing to a FF 85mm lens makes very little sense.

Another thing; when speaking about bokeh we do it either from a technical point of view and discuss the amount of background (and sometimes, but not often, foreground) blur. This can be measured and calculated. "Not much of bokeh in that image." or "I like bokeh." - two expressions making me cringe.

It is however much more common to use the word bokeh as a short of "quality of the OOF parts of the image". When discussing a lens you can, for example, ask about the bokeh: "What about the bokeh from that lens?" meaning you are asking about the quality or rendering style with regards to the OOF areas.

The Zuiko 75/1.8 most often produces good or very good bokeh. Technically speaking it is "neutral" and the result is, as said, most often very pleasing.

I hope this helps somewhat. Please try not to phrase yourself as you did in your last sentence; it isn't possible to take the same photo using a FF camera with an 85mm lens and a micro 4/3 camera with the 75mm lens. That is comparing images taken with a short tele lens with images taken with a medium tele lens, not the same thing at all.



I think you have totally missed my point. I wasn't comparing the lenses in the sense of comparing lenses. Maybe I didn't make myself clear but the ONLY parameter I was comparing was DOF. I was answering to the poster who stated that the DOF of the 75mm at 2.8 equivalent to a 150mm lens at  5.6 on a FF, and this is absolutely true. But at the same time, it is also similar to a 75mm (or 85mm in this case) at f2.8. Both statements are valid, it is just a matter of what practical use you make with them.

I agree about mixing bokeh with DoF. I usually don't like either so to make my point easier to understand, just replace bokeh with DoF in my last sentence.

As for comparing both lenses, Sorry, I disagree. Everything is comparable but you have first to  define what exactly you compare and for what purpose.

As a practical example, I am in a process of moving from Canon FF gear to M4/3. My favourite portrait lens was 85mm f1.8 and I was looking for an M4/3 equivalent, but first I have to set proprieties. So if I'm looking for a similar AoV, I'd compare it with the 45mm 1.8. But if shallow DoF is my priority and I want it similar to what I'm used to get, then it is perfectly ok to compare it with the 75mm 1.8.

So it all depends what you are looking for and remember, there is always more than one way to look into things.


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