V1 + FT1 + Tamron 70-300 VC - Difference VC makes

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Re: V1 + FT1 + Tamron 70-300 VC - Difference VC makes

JK5700 wrote:

For interest sake: on my Nikon lenses the VR stays on constantly on the V1 draining the battery. How does VC behave?

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It is the same with the Tamron VC, once the VC is activated by half pressing the shutter it stays on until you either switch off VC on the lens or the V1 is switched off or goes to sleep.

This is only on the FT1 adapter, when I mount the Tamron onto my Nikon D40 it comes on when I focus then stops after a short time after i release the focus button.

I can see what you mean by the battery but I took 500 shots this morning and the VC on the Tamron lens was on all the time and I didnt notice any major battery drain.

Personally I prefer it being on all the time as the noise is just a continuous hum rather than the screeching noise you get when VC is activated and then deactivated.  Mounted on my D40 it is particularly grating to keep getting the activation/deactivation noise every time I take a shot.

I would like also to say that in my opinion the VC on the Tamron performs better than the VR on the Nikon.

I know you are not supposed to but yesterday I was trying to get a shot of  a rarely seen bird (it is where I live anyway) a Great Grey Shrike.  The light wasn't very good, it was windy and the Bird was a fairly long way away and wasn't going to come any closer.  I wanted to get a record shot and mounted the Tamron 70-300 VC onto my reasonably solid tripod.  When I tried to take the shot with VC turned off the vibration from the wind was making the shot pretty blurred.  I turned on VC even though it was on the tripod it allowed me to get a fairly sharp shot.  It wasn't a perfect shot but it at least allowed me to get a identifiable record of the bird.

Nikon V1 + FT1 +Tamron 70 300 VC + Tripod

Hope this helps.

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