Sports mode on MY SX50HS is NOT horrible!

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Re: Sports mode on MY SX50HS is NOT horrible!


1) I am not "promoting" the SX50HS as a solution for birds in flight...this thread was in response to the "SX50 Sports Mode Horrible " thread...which basically said the Mode was good for nothing, and came close to accusing Canon of false advertising. Statements were made that I felt were inaccurate based on my experience with the camera...which, in Sports Mode, has been birds in flight. I only wanted to offer a counterpoint to the "Horrible" thread which I felt left prospective SX50 users with an incorrect, or at least, incomplete impression.

Please realize that BIF ONLY got into this because my examples of Sports Mode are all BIF!

2) If your primary goal and driving passion is to get consistent publication quality images of birds in flight, then you will indeed have to shell out the big bucks for a DSLR and long lens. Greg is right about that. You will also have to spend the time and effort necessary to get good at it. Equipment is still only 10% of success, especially with something like BIF.

3) If, on the other you are looking for a good, compact, all-in-one solution for many types of nature photography, and are not willing or able to purchase or to carry a DSLR body and a bag full of lenses...then you should not, in my opinion, be put off by those who claim the SX50HS has a "horrible" Sports Mode. And, in the context of the evolution of this thread, you should not be put off by those who rightly state that the SX50HS is not capable of equaling birds in flight images taken with much bigger, much heavier, and much more expensive equipment in the hands of an expert.

4) Because, in my experience you WILL BE ABLE to take pics of BIF that will satisfy many of you. I see the same flaws in my BIF shots that Greg does...but I am okay with that...especially considering that I took them with the my compact, inexpensive all-in-one solution.

5) Because honestly...I am one of those is not willing or able to purchase or carry a DSLR outfit and bag of lenses. With my current lifestyle, I simply can not justify spending $10,000 for a single 500mm lens like the one Greg used for his examples. And with the way I travel and work, I am not willing to carry anything bigger than the SX50HS all day in the field. I want and need a camera that I can have with me all the time, and that is, as closely as possible, an all-in-one solution for almost any situation I find myself in in nature. That is were I am, and where i suspect many readers here are.

6) So, finally, while the SX50HS will not take the best BIF images in the world, given the opportunity, it will take BIF pics...and landscapes in HDR, and macros right down to 0cm, and dragonflies at 1800mm from 4.5 feet, and sunsets and sunrises in Hand-held Night Scene Mode.

All of these could be done better with larger, more expensive, and more specialized equipment. But I have made a choice to do them with my Powershot, because that is what i am willing to carry. And because it is fun! And that, imho, is enough.

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