365 + 1 Days of NEX-7 - PART IV

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Re: 365 + 1 Days of NEX-7 - PART IV

Trudy33 wrote:

hi, i have just spent most of my afternoon looking through your wonderful messages and photos. i am really moved by a lot of your images, they are all spectacular.

i was thinking about the nex6 (either that or the fuji xe1) but now its between the xe1 and the nex7. not that i will be able to end up with your results cause i guess you are an expert at pp'ing, but the quality of all your photos is really amazing. i really loved looking at them.

it really does seem to be a new time now with these wonderful mirrorless cameras now.

thank you


Dear Trudy, thanks so much for you kind words, they really meant a lot to me

You're right when you say that mirrorless cameras are changing the way we photograph, bringing bak a lot of the old good fun, I do like them much better than my dlrs!

I never had a chance to use the xe1, but both the nex-7 and nex-6 are great cameras!

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