Are these shots representative of typical RX100 output?

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Re: Yes and No.

Joachim Gerstl wrote:


The RX100 is a very special camera. It's output can be truly impressive but it is very sensitive and unforgiving regarding a sloppy shooting style.

One big issue is the rather weak image stabilization combined with the lack of setting a minimum shutter speed in the auto ISO menu. Another one is white balance and rather flat looking RAW files.

I think that you are a bit on the exaggeration side. None of what you have described above is a "big issue" for one who has some photography skills. Maybe a bit inconvenient if you must comment, but not more than that, and there are always workarounds.

I have an RX100 and I don't find any of what you have described above as being a big issue or annoying in any way. IS is very reasonable, I've seen worse. WB works a treat for me and the RAW files look flat because that is the way RAW files usually look like with most cameras before they are processed.


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