Maxxum 7D as a cheap backup to the A77?

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Re: Maxxum 7D as a cheap backup to the A77?

I kept my KM7D despite having moved to Canon->Nikon->Sony, so inadvertantly, I have one as a backup to my A77.. Nice for doing weddings or other events where availability is a real concern.

Like most, the KM7D's ergo's are a dream and a joy to use.. but comparing to the A77, the most noticeable difference is the dynamic range when comparing similar shots..

Colour wise, I shoot RAW, and so WB is not a major issue, you can get them close enough that you wouldn't notice, as I said, the DR is the most obvious difference which is hard to get around..

I would agree with people saying A55 or A700, in fact I'd probably go for a cheap A55, the SLT pre-chimping etc and same gen sensor would mean it'd probably be easier to switch between despite the lack of manual controls.

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