PANASONIC FZ 150: Summer memories.

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Re: PANASONIC FZ 150: Summer memories.

bobkwl wrote:

I am a FZ fans, started with FZ1. I started using FZ150 last summer took couple of trips in North USA and Canada, love the results. BUT...

I took the FZ150 to China last winter, where weather was bad, results were rather disappointing, especially up in the Mountains and Hi-lands (3,000 meters & over). I put the blems on the small sensor, wish I had my DSRL or at least M-4/3 system with me. Anybody can give comments?

I noticed that most of your images were taken with F4, is this the weet point of the Lens? What is your commends on Bad/Winter weather on the FZ150.

I don't think will go for FZ200, might consider a newer generation of FZ.

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Hello bobkwl!

Yes, you are right the Panasonic FZ 150 is a GREAT camera but of course it´s got some serious limitations IQ wise. On that point it can´t compete againts a DSLR (bigger sensor -you can´t change physics-), but anyway if you know how to handle it you´ll probably end up bringing out the best of it (I am only a novice and I am still on the learning path). Once you know its limitations is when you can start getting good results. The camera seems to have a "sweet point", so to speak: ALWAYS set it to ISO 100 (even if I got quite good results at ISO 800), around f/4 and loves sunny weather. With bad wheather: cloudy, dark, foggy... I´ll recommend stick to ISO100 (using a tripod) and ALWAYS shoot RAW (when post processing you´ll get a lot more ingredients to "cook" a good picture)

As for me I guess I´ll settle for the FZ150 for a while as long as it keeps bringing me satisfactions, and still don´t think I´ll move for the FZ200, which despite that appealing continuous F/2.8 throughout the focal length, I don´t see much difference IQ wise. I think I´ll also take a rain check on this model.

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