Sandbaggers again?

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christian jacob
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Re: Sandbaggers again?

Joe Pineapples wrote:

El Crapio wrote:

Technically it's not a very good photo... it's a 2 sec exposure handheld and looks blurry,


But it's quite interesting, don't you think? Do you really care so much about how sharp it is? I think "boring" is a worse charge than "blurry"...


If every voter had exact the same criterions in exact the same order of influence, then everybody would give an entry the same vote, making the whole voting business superfluous.

But thankfully, as human beings, we have our differences, and so some are more fascinated with unusual motives, others value the technical merits more.

The blurriness is an elimination criterion for some, for others like you it is neglible. Some like punk, others classical (I like both).

For me, the abstractness of the entry is interesting, but the technical aspects are a minus, so I'd have given maybe a 2.5 (and for a 2 sec exposure handheld it is rather good, I guess the camera lied on a (slippery) surface (ice), and the photographer hit the release to hard -- guess he was wearing a glove or his fingers were numb from the cold)

Some love to give 0.5s or 1s for (even minor) errors not because of sandbagging, but giving those harsh notes seems to be enhancing their own self-worth as a photographer (as in "i am to good to tolerate such grave errors!").

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