Nikon FF Mirrorless for 2013 ? I think so :)

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wpt & CFynn,

CFynn wrote:

wpt wrote:


What I *WANT* is Nikon FM sized FF DSLR camera matching the build quality along with similar sized autofocus lenses of those days - similar to OM-D but with FF sensor and small AF lenses built like how Nikon used to build its lenses.

i.e. - just stick digital sensor into Nikon FM and put autofocus / update legacy ais lenses keeping the size!


I think a lot of people want this (I still use my FM3a as well as DSLR) - I wouldn't mind if it didn't have AF as long as it had a really good focusing screen.


But eventually, I will migrate toward the first manufacturer that can offer Nikon FM FF digital with matching AF ais lenses and build quality.

I would too - but I'm not very optimistic that anyone will ever make one. Camera manufacturers have more or less become electronic device manufacturers.

wpt & CFynn,

imho,  FF PRO Nikon Mirrorless  is not a matter of IF,  but WHEN.

And how small will a  Fast Wide lens be?

My gut feeling is ... the hold up is Low Light AF.

I think the High Res FF hold up was matching D700 performance.  I think the D800 pretty much does that,  but not perfectly and with some issues.  But, the release was probably needed.

the time is coming "soon".   where Nikon will need to release a FF  PRO body.

I just hope they have a NANO small/pancake  Fast WIDE  with it.

and a adapter for backwards compatibility.

Make it 36mp  , it's probably not going to be a speed demon (sports camera) anyway.

Think about how many landscapers use LV. (and Video guys)   I am just saying ...


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