Decent film camera?

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Re: Olympus mju/Stylus

rrr_hhh wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

On that note we often used to travel with just a Olympus mju (Stylus in USA) with its 35mm focal length and easy clam-shell on/off operation. The later mju zooms had light seal problems as the back sealed with a gasket ring and not the usual overlapping slot arrangement.

But, film = pain, be warned.

Nostalgia is good where it belongs.... in the past.

Regards....... Guy

Film = pain, I will secon that ! Plus it is expensive, very expensive. It used to be back in the film times and you had to think twice before taking a pictur

You should think twice before taking any picture.  Digital has allowed people to shoot enormous amounts of crap.  Film helps slow you down, makes you work the scene, develop your vision.

If you are serious about photography anyway.  You can still produce crap if you have no vision.

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