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Re: Batteries.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Some of the desirable cameras of yesteryear used mercury cell batteries, now totally banned for sale all over, substitutes may not be successful. So choose cameras based on battery types,

You probably have to go quite far back for cameras that used mercury cells. I have a Nikkormat FTn (c1970) that used PX625 /PX13 mercury cells which were common in many cameras and light meters - and there are replacement Wein cells, or holders that take modern batteries with a resistor to correct the voltage, that work fine with that camera and many others. You can also just stick a #9 Rubber O-ring  in the battery chamber and then use cheap 675 hearing aid batteries which are easily available.
The silver oxide batteries for my F2A, which is about the same age, are still easily available - and I have a plain non metered prism ready for the  day when the meter in that camera gives up the ghost, or batteries for it are no longer available.

Many old cameras only used the battery for the light meter - so you can always use the camera with a hand-held light meter instead. I have a Sekonic L-398 Studio Deluxe incident meter which doesn't use any batteries. There are plenty of other decent selenium cell light meters which don't require batteries as well.

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