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It looks like a great lens - images are terrific and the reviews are great but am I alone in thinking $900 for a 75/1.8 + $70 lens hood is a bit expensive?

No, you're not alone. Most good Micro Four Thirds lenses have reached "full frame" prices!

Disclaimer: the following observation is not directed at the original poster; it's meant to support my point that these lenses are quite overpriced.

If you look at the picture of the young lady with the stroller behind her, you can see that the 2.8 aperture does not render a very good bokeh (look at the stroller). I know it is "the nature of the 4/3 beast": we get 5.6 effective bokeh from our 2.8 lenses, 2.8 from our 1.4, etc. That's a compromise we have to live with in exchange for all the other benefits of the new system.

However, I'd hope lens and camera manufacturers also "compromise" a bit! Just look at the rather hefty price tag on the new GH3....

Hi Irvin, I'm very thrift in buying gears or clothes. I don't buy at regular price. I negotiate or you can call it haggle. My OMD EM5 I got it for 22% discount. So with the OMD EM5 plus 12-50mm lens I only bought it for A$1,088 (recommended retail price is A$1399). For this lens I bought it for 30% less after discount of 10% from store and 20% from Olympus. RRP is A$999. We know OMD EM5 is a great camera (note: I moved to micro 4/3rd from APS-C because of weight and excellent IQ).

Steve Huff, pro photographer who had very positive review on this lens, even compared this with the Nikon Nikkor 85mm F1.4 and I googled that lens it cost US$1249 in Amazon. So for this lens I paid A$700 or US$673. So the Nikon lens is $575 more expensive. I'm very happy with that price difference considering the size, build and excellent IQ on this lens at u4/3rd set-up.

On bokeh, kindly show example of better bokeh than this in u4/3rds or please explain your issues. Take note that there are light factor too when shooting and bokeh are affected by such light. The girl was in shaded area sitting while the stroller was far and partly in sunny part. What else do you expect from stroller bokeh? This lens produced creamy and consistent bokeh. Look and check at the feet of people waking - past behind the girls head. Also Look its great and consistent bokeh in the Seagull's photo (note that light was consistent on this shot under the sun). Please share your bokeh experience or expertise. Thanks.

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Hi, Reygon

Quite frankly, I have no idea why anyone would compare the Nikon 85mm 1.4 with this lens - they are very different lenses.

On the bokeh front: in the picture I mentioned, you are getting bokeh equivalent to shooting with a 150mm lens at a 5.6 aperture, even though your lens is being used at 2.8

Here is series of examples and comparisons, illustrating what I said:

Hope it helps explain my point.

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