Strange blue glow on lights with 40mm 1.8.

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Re: That is why I sold my Hex 40

cptrios wrote:

As Lightshow said, what you're looking at is not the standard chromatic aberration, but rather "coma." More or less every fast lens ever made exhibits a bit of this toward the edges of the frame at wide apertures - some (like the old Nikkor 35/1.4 AI-S) worse than others. It just sort of comes with the territory, so the best thing to do is usually just to either learn to work around it or live with it. One suggestion for night-time city shots would be to set the camera down on a tripod or some available hard surface and take a long exposure with a narrower f-stop. Or just appreciate the little purple butterflies!

There are lenses that are corrected to reduce/eliminate coma and other aberrations, Noct Nikkor is an example.

And as I posted before, there are alternatives.

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