Oly 17mm 1.8 tagged along in Vegas (many pics).

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Oly 17mm 1.8 tagged along in Vegas (many pics).

I replaced my Panny 20 & 25 for the Oly 17mm f/1.8. It's not without compromise, of course. Sure it's a faster-focus lens than the Panny 20, but it's a bit larger, as well.

There's no advantage for the Oly against my Old Panny 25, other than the silver color that matches my EM-5.

Reason for replacing both Panasonic lenses are sheer monetary constraints, and convenience (of not having to swap too many prime lenses).

In no way am I suggesting that Panny's picture output is inferior against the Oly 17mm 1.8.

My reason for posting the series of photos, is to show Oly's quality DOF, low lite capabilities, and close-quarter convenience.

Advance Apologies:

- I love to take pictures, but I'm not a good photographer (compared to folks in this forum).

- No formal education on processing RAW files in Photoshop. So it's very much trial-n-error for me.

- I just started playing with Photoshop's RAW controls after the New Year.

- All sample pics were from RAW files, downsampled to acceptable sizes (which may still be to large for some folks).

- Aperture Mode on all shots. Auto ISO. And auto WB. Worse of all: My computer screen is not calibrated for Photoshop editing; Pictures may look perfectly fine on my screen, but may look yellowish on others.

Of course, comments & critiques are welcome. How else am I gonna 'see' my blunders...

Similar to other overpriced fancy-shmancy restaurants, very dim lighting.  I placed the E-M5 on top of a drinking glass to take the shot.  Unfriendly ambience for lowlite photog (no flash).

Focus box on the cherries.  DOF is very nice, but that's just me.

Holding the fork with my left hand, while shooting with my right.  A comfortable setup since I didn't have to extend my arm for the shot.  Again, DOF is very decent.

Focus box on the salmon.  I don't know what the green sauce that decorated the fish.  It tasted great with the salmon so I didn't care.  Food seems to taste MUCH BETTER when you have enuff FREE gift certificate to pay for the meal at this overpriced establishment.  LOL!

Given the awful light source inside the location, I didn't know how bad the jpg would turn out for this shot.  Let's just say it was an easy decision to process it in RAW.  Focus box pointed at the triangular pastry in the center.

The main reason I bought the lens:  Very nice DOF with faster focus than my old Panny 20mm, while not having to extend my arm for the money shot (when using my old Panny 25mm) on edible items.  Then again, the Panny 25 is faster with (most likely) better DOF.

There's a colorful candy store at the Venetian Shops that I wanted to snap the boy's face.  Again, nice colorful DOF.  I was standing about a foot in front of the boy.  Very convenient.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of my snack while at the checkout line.

Handheld shot from the 2nd floor.

Just another DOF test.

Face detection turned off & focus box on the noodles. Another impressive DOF output (in my opinion). I'm sitting across the boy, separated by a small square table at the food court.  Apologies for the boy's nails.  He's eleven... Whattaya gonna do?

Face Detection active.  I think this was close to the front entrance at Harrah's.

The boy's mom ruined this shot while taking the escalator, back to Venetian.

The boy was all smiles when I told him we were doing indoor go-kart racing at Pole Position.  All electric.  No noise.  No gas fumes.  Then reality hit:  Minimum age is 15.  I didn't bother taking his portrait, after I gave him the bad news.

After a brief time at the Outlet store, we decided to have dinner AWAY from the hotel/casino establishment.  Our savior was the all-u-can-eat Korean BBQ just east of the strip.  So, so good.  Apologies for those that may be offended by raw meat, shot at a close range.

Another nice DOF output.  A shot of the famous Korean spicy vegetable dish.

Head shot of a sad boy as we walked to our car, located at the 3rd underground level parking lot of Palazzio.  Again, bad lighting, but the lens prevailed (in my opinion).

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