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Re: P7000 firmware improvements? Yes, but not for you.

This camera has been a total disappointment to me, and I got it when it was pretty new and paid $450 for it. The firmware upgrade made a very slight improvment in daylight speed, but it's horrible for trying to shoot low light, which I use it for often. When it hits the mark, it does take beautiful photos though, I'll give it that. I just misses way too often because it runs like a snail. The exposure compensation dial is also very poorly desinged. It's nice having easy access to it, but the way it's situated makes it very easy to accidently change the exposure without realizing iit. Wishing I could trade this in for a Canon G15, but I would really feel guitly selling this or trading it to anyone.  I wanted a really good quality P&S for when I didn't have my DSLR with me. Totally let down by Nikon on this camera.

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