How to convert pdf to epub

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Re: How to convert pdf to epub

BobSC wrote:

I just use pdf's on my iphone. What is the advantage of epub?

Lots of ebooks come with formats that limit's the books use on the device of your choice, and sometime the period of time that you can use it.  Many of these are in ePub or PDF form.  (Or Kindle)  Calibre can help you to convert these books to a format that works for your device.

For example. many OverDrive ebooks from your public library books are in PDF or ePub, and your Kindle can only read "MOBI" format books with no DRM.  Calibre will allow you do convert to Kindle compatible Mobi format.  I like a free phone e-reader app called Freda, and it only works with ePub (I think) so I often convert to that format with Calibre.

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