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Re: HP Premium Plus Photo Paper

fft81 wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

It seems most of the external testing is done on pigment inks. Apart from Mark's testing, I see very little data on paper color fastness and much more on the longevity of the inks on the paper. Given how few printers thare are with white inks, paper color shifts are as important as any other color shift.

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Something i just thought about:

I bet using a protective laquer like printshield even on OBA loaded crappy resin paper will have bigger effect than using a better paper without the lacquer. Lets face it, if lacquer can seal the paper reducing UV significantly as well as sealing the OBAs into the paper away from air, the paper will not age all that fast even if it has OBAs in it. If OBAs can't react with air who cares if they are there?

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