Nikon D600: Are the "benefits" of this camera really worth it over the Canon 6D?

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Car reviewers don't measure horse power for the same reason that lens reviewers don't generally measure absolute light transmission and that is because most buyers don't really care.

You can keep saying but it doesnt make it true. Every good photographer I know strive for best IQ he can get. let through more light is best way to get better IQ, and larger aperture is one of the most common ways to let in more light. but if you are not getting more light, than purpose of the whole exercise is defeated.

Many photographers concerned with IQ, stop down to the sweat spot of the lens regards sharpness. That is very often not wide open. Aperture is only one way to get more light in...shutter speed can be as effective.

Yes, people often stop down and people often extend SS where it is possible to do so. in these situations, people use less demanding lens and get away with it. I use my 50 F1.8 at F4 - F8 90% the time. my use of this lens is not at all demanding that is why I have no need to upgrade it to the 50 F1.4 or 50 F1.2.

BUT people also often need the fastest SS they can get, maybe light level is low or maybe subject moves fast, my 70-200 shoots 70-80% of its images at maximum aperture of F4, my 17-55 when used in indoor events and partys, shoots 70-80% images at maximum aperture of f2.8. most people who spend that extra money on 70-200 F2.8 II also shoot a significant portion of their images at F2.8.

As a general rule for lens purchase, especially more expensive ones, people buy a lens with the expectation that they will need that lens at its maximum aperture. And that is how most expensive lenses find their customers.

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