Longest time without a camera purchase?

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Re: Longest time without a camera purchase?


I think what ever floats your boat and you can afford to buy them.  Some people collect new cars or restore old vintage ones.  One restoration would cost more than all your cameras combined and then some.  A fishing trip can run into the thousands of dollars as can scuba diving. Photography is not that expensive a hobby by comparison. The problem is other people (i.e. non camera geeks) think all you need is one camera for snap shots and so would have us believe we are wasting our money buying more cameras.

rattymouse wrote:

As I contemplate buying the X-E1, I am struck by how often I buy cameras. I'm wondering, to anyone who wishes to answer, what is the longest you have gone without buying a camera?

3 years ago I bought the S200EXR, my first large Fuji digital camera. That lasted only 6 months before I bought an S5 Pro. The next year I bought the X100 and X10. Last year I bought a GA645 and XF1.

I bought a GA645zi in 2012.  A great camera. A medium format point and shoot!

This year I have already decided to get the GF670 and maybe a X-E1.

It seems impossible right now to go a single year without buying some type of camera.

Quite possibly it would be better for me not to get anything this year, but the GF670 can't wait a year.

I have the Voigtlander version as the fuji wasn't available in Australia at that time.  It is a fantastic camera.  I highly recommend it.  the images are very sharp and you can choose 6x6 or 6x7 and 120 or 220.  It is like a 50's folding camera with all the limitations sorted out and a new camera warranty!

Tough call for sure, but it does not need to be.


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