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Hugowolf wrote:

fft81 wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

You have to love HP analysis of HP papers. Paper is either acid free or it isn't, forget about 'industry standards'. What industry standards are we talking about, the BS and Euphemism industry?

Either the Ph is higher than 7 or it isn't.

Brian A

Actually PH=7 is neutral; acidic is below 7.

Exactly, so lower than 7 would be acidic and 7 or higher would not. Neutral is neither acid nor alkali. I occasionally brew beer, but I don't know what that has to do with photography and printing.

Brian A

I was just giving you hard time pointing out that neutral is still not acidic.

With such abundance of dirt cheap hp paper on ebay i find it wierd that i cant find any non-hp conducted light fastness tests for misc inks. also i find it weird that if hp paper sux that they still make so much of it.

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