Best Nikon D800/D600 picture settings to get great looking images with no fuss.

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Re: Just my input,...

I would love to see more responses as well in regards to the D600. If I'm printing or doing work for a someone else, I'll always use RAW and post process. But there are a number of occasions where JPG will suffice (e.g., sharing a quick family photo). As a new D600 owner, would like to learn from all the collective knowledge up here to produce optimal jpgs.

Thanks in advance!!

samjstern wrote:

Some D600 Neutral Settings (Good skin tones) (revised November 2012)

1. Set your LCD brightness to-1,( find it in Setup Menu. )

0 is too bright and not close to what we actually see.

2. Set your white balance to A. (automatic) .OR

With the SB-800 using white balance of "flash" is very DEAD ON.

3. In Shooting Menu go to set picture control and make these following



1. Sharpening to 6

2. Contrast to +1 or 0. Depends upon subjects and lighting

3. Brightness to 0

4. Saturation to 0

5. Hue to 0

Don't forget to click OK after you make the adjustments and before you

exit the menu.

4. Page 226 in manual. Set b5 , matrix metering to – 1/6 and also center weighted metering to - 1/6 . This has really helped A LOT with not blowing whites and with almost perfect JPEGs. Fine tuning the optimal exposure has helped incredibly to get great flash shots.

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