The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 29: January 6, 2013

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Sandhill Crane

I visited the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge this last week and I am ashamed to mention that this is the my first visit in winter and I've lived in the area for decades... The Sandhill Cranes have been coming here for for the winter for several decades...

As can be seen there are numerous ducks which also come and perhaps I'll show a few another day.. There are many other birds also wintering over here at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

These were all taken with the E-30 and the 70-300 from a monopod... I have to admit that this combination and my talents don't do justice to the scene. Visiting this site and others along the North Alabama Birding Trail temp me to upgrade my equipment in hopes that this is a limitation to my skills... The first and third picture above were taken from the shore line (not technically a shore line but where I start getting my feet wet); the second and forth from a observing building through glass (plexiglass?) windows. As can be seen there is a substantial distance between where I am and the birds are but none of these pictures was severely cropped. Resolution seems to be lost in atmospheric water vapor and the long end of the 70-300 at these distances (the first is at 78mm [156mm efl], the second at 108mm, and the last two are at 300mm.)

Comments, critiques, corrections and all other conversation are welcome

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