Canon 90 EX for beginner as a Master unit?

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Re: Here's how to control flashes manually.

TangoMan wrote:

This is my first time buying an off camera flash, and have only used DSLR for the past 6 months. I don't know if I have enough knowledge yet for manual flash, but I bought a few books to learn about it. I also have to figure out whether a soft box or umbrella is better for my use (portrait).

It's really quite simple.

Does that help?

TangoMan----- thanks for taking the time to write your post and your other response regarding umbrella.  Your explanation is pretty simple- I will try that out soon.  I think that is what I'm doing with my 'on-camera flash' on my T2i.  When the flash is too bright, I use flash exposure compensation to decrease the output, and that works just fine.

BAK---- thanks, I thought 33 feet was too long, but the next shortest one I could find on B&H photo was 6.5 feet, which may or may not be enough.  I know they have cords on other sites, but I like B&H's customer service.  I thought I'd need 5 feet each for cord to go from my tripod to the floor, and 5 feet from the floor to the top of the umbrella stand, then I'd need maybe up to 10 feet for cord to go to the site of the stand.

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