Printing with NX2 verses Photoshop

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Re: I use PS and NX2

Petruska wrote:

comoxbrit wrote:

This is what I get...notice how the colour has gone haywire?

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OK, this looks like a screesnhot capture of the print preview, is it?

If so, what does the actual print look like?

Again, I'm sorry that I don't have a MAC, this looks like your print screen, but I don't see where you can change the printer preferences.

1. In your printer driver did your change the Mode seelection to "OFF(No Color Management)?   This does not show up

TT2. How is your printer nozzle check pattern? Any skips?   No I checked it.

3. Are you using Epson OEM ink, or 3rd party?     Epsom

Bob P.

I have a few books on NX2 so I will read them and try and solve the problem. Thanks very much for your great help.

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