Windows vs Linux boot time

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Re: Comparing apples and lawnmowers

Andreja wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Some interesting datapoints:

  • 4:37 - Windows XP boot time, Dell Latitude D620, a 2007 model
  • 1:14 - Linux Mint 13 boot time, same Dell Latitude after wipe
  • 1:46 - Windows 7 boot time, Dell XPS L502x, a 2012 model

The Windows timings do not include download of new virus pattern for anti-malware, which would add at least another minute, and is a frequent occurrence. Timings were from pressing the on-button to when the system was ready to open a browser.

The comparison is invalid unless you're going to wipe everything and start from scratch in each case.

Just FYI, all those numbers are mind-numbingly slow. A modern box running Win7 or Win8 will go off-to-desktop in less than 30 seconds. The one on which I'm typing this has an SSD. It boots from cold in less than 20s.

With SSDs anything can be fast. My laptop (Kubuntu) boots from of bootloader to login prompt in about 7-9 seconds, plus 15 seconds after login to fully loaded desktop, however I almost never actually reboot the whole thing, unless the kernel is updated -- laptops now spend most of their life suspended.

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