Why is the 6D considered "entry level"?

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Re: Why is the 6D considered "entry level"?

Giant Tsunami wrote:

Hi guys, I am debating a brand jump and not sure about a couple things, hoping maybe some people here can help. I am not much of a sports shooter, I tend to do a lot of family gatherings, my kids, things I would benefit from a good low light shooter well. I know the 6D is supposed to have -3EV AF for it's center point, but I am need some confirmation on something.

Below is a screen capture from a digital rev review, pitting the 6D and 5DIII side by side. For iso 51k both are very nice, yet the 6D appears to handily stomp the 5D. Is this an anomily? Are there anybody who has a 6D that shoots that high who can confirm this?? I have quite a few options at my disposal, D600, 6D, 5DII, K5IIs, 7D, even the GH3. I have never (even with the D4) seen high iso this clean, and I don't detect any NR. Please weigh in here and let me know, is this real?

Like I said, I know the real limitations of the 6D, from AF to the extra plastic in the build. But IQ is top priority for me, specifically low light, and a -3EV AF works perfect for that.

EDIT: I guess a good question to add here, is this due to NR? I cannot say if this was jpeg or raws, they don't really say on DigitalRev, but shouldn't both cameras use similar jpeg engines? If it is really that much better than a 5DIII (which is great at high iso), it really is something I would want.

The 6D shot appears to have heavy noise reduction whereas the 5D doesn't.

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