Chances of 50 1.4 misfocus on D3200 wide open?

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Chances of 50 1.4 misfocus on D3200 wide open?

The D3200 is quite a capable body for it's price.  Being entry level it is limited in a number of areas and one of those is relative to what you are asking.  One entry level feature is the lowish number of focus points which may affect the way in which you want to shoot using autofocus.  Also there is no depth of field function either.

I find the D3200 to focus well, but as has been previously stated, the use of large appertures becomes more about your technique than camera capability.  I would think that if you want to shoot wide open it is not about wether the camera will focus well on the spot where you tell it to, but more about other factors.  The D3200 will not make magical shots wide open shots without some operator understanding and skills.  My thoughts are more along the lines of using manual focus for your planned use.

I got a D3200 several weeks ago and have been playing with it since.  I have no doubt that the D3200 will do what you want, it is just a matter of you adapting or learning the skills to get the shots you want.


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